Meet the band:
Band Leader

Jon Jayes


Jon founded the band in February 2015 and has led the band since then. Jon also plays rhythm guitar.

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Musical Director

Jonathan Barker

Jonathan joined the band in 2015 playing 1st trombone and the following year took over as MD of the band. 


John Chadwick

John is another old hand having joined  the band in 2015 on tenor saxophone. He also keeps us all honest in his role as band Chairman.


Liz Pearce

Liz is another one of the original members from 2015 and plays baritone sax. Liz also keeps an eagle eye on all those not paying their weekly subs on time!

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Rhythm Section

Keyboard - Yumiko Barker

Drums - Martin Diggle

Rhythm Guitar - Jon Jayes

Bass Guitar - Allan Toombs


Alto Sax

Derek  Farmer (left)

Neil Timms

Martyn Dale (centre left)

Karen Thompson (centre)

Jo Saywell

Mike Courtney (right)



Tenor Sax

Chris Nice (centre right)

Liz Hickton (right)

Carol Courtney (centre left)

John Chadwick (left)

Charlotte Newcomb

Baritone Sax


Liz Pearce



Neil Chadborn (centre left)

Jonathan Kwan (left)

Terry Cheetham (centre right)

David Field (right)

Sarah Smith



Paul Gay




Jonathan Barker (left) 

Alan Carlin (right)

Abigail Lewis (centre right)


Lead Singer


Chris Nice


Band Tech Whizz

Bob Thompson

Bob puts a lot of time in each year supporting the band by filming and editing concert videos for us and helping with band photography. A big thanks to Bob.