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Fundraising gig at Burton Lazars

We played our last public gig of the year at St James’s Church, Burton Lazars, on Saturday 18th November. We were invited for a fundraising concert for the programme of improvement works for the church. The church was almost full and the audience enjoyed the performance, over half of whom had seen us perform there in 2015, just a few months after our formation.

The programme was varied, starting with several swing favourites. We were proud of our new vocal numbers, with Chris singing Moonriver and Sway. Also, Liz on tenor saxophone gave us a mellow version of Don't Know Why. We finished the evening with a few up-tempo latin and rock numbers.

The acoustics were excellent, and the new amplifier system successfully filled the church with sound! It was an enjoyable evening for the band with refreshments provided by the church between our two sets.

The band are now working on new numbers for our gigs in 2018.

See article in Melton Times:

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