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So long and thanks for all the fish!

Our long standing drummer, Paul Stockwell, has left us for pastures new after almost five years drumming with the Belvoir Big Band. Paul was one of the founder members, so will be much missed.

Like many of us, Paul, was relatively new to big band music. He rose to the challenge of playing such an assortment of styles - from swing to latin. He stuck with us through thick and thin and grew in experience with the rest of us in the band!

On Saturday 21st September 2019 he played his last gig with us, at the Melton Beer Festival and excelled himself on an energetic programme including Wipe Out and Sing, Sing, Sing. He has also kept us rocking and swinging along with the 1940’s classics and rock n roll tunes that the band love to play and audiences are eager to dance to.

Stick-em up!

He was presented with a certificate of excellence from the band and a ‘doctored’ photograph to remind him of our first public appearance. We will all miss Paul’s, sometimes dry sense of humour and wit and wish him all the very best of luck in his new home and hope that he finds another band in which to play.

Good luck Paul from all your friends and musical colleagues in the Belvoir Big Band!

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